Getting to Cuba with your own bike can be a challenge itself. There are travel agencies arranging packets where you get boat- or plane tickets as well as a bike to rent. In these cases, everything is booked by the agency and you won´t have much room to make the trip as you prefer. If you choose to plan your trip on your own it is easiest to get to Cuba by plane. The bike you can send as special luggage, but you should be prepared that it can cost a lot. There is, of course, also the opportunity to buy a bike when you arrive but then you need to be aware that quality and maintenance isn´t what we are used to.

A 20-day trip

You need to calculate on at least 20 days to go from the south parts of Cuba to the north, by bike. Then it is included that you would want to stop in some nice towns or stay by the Caribbean cost to enjoy sun and baths. The biggest airport is in Havana and this is where you can find the best prices on tickets. If you think logistically there can be advantages of ending your vacation here to be able to get on a plane as soon as possible, not that Cuba isn´t nice, but because after all these days on a bike it will probably be nice to get home as soon as possible. Instead you start your trip with a bus ride from Havana to Bayamo on the south side of the island.

Biking through small cities

Of course you make your own route on where to bike, but an example is to start towards the little town called Bartholomé Maso. There you will be able to see sugar cane, and sunflower plantations at the foot of Sierra Maestra. If you continue towards Manzanillo you will bike through fertile farming country.

Along the Caribbean coast

To reach the southern point of Cuba and the little city called Cabo Cruz, known for its wonderful seafood restaurants, you can choose to go along the beautiful coast and maybe make a stop at the beach in Media Luna when the day is the hottest. There you can enjoy the crystal-clear water and a nice dip in the ocean.

Central Cuba

In the middle of the country is Trinidad, if you feel that it may be too long of a bike trip, you can easily go here by bus. Outside Trinidad you can bike through the valley Valle de Los Ingenios which was the centre of Cubas sugar industry. On your way north you will go on to Guajimico and you will pass several rivers coming down of the mountains.

To the north – back to Havana

On your ongoing trip back north you will bike through some of the biggest cattle areas in Cuba, near Rancho Luna. After some rest you can continue to Pasacaballo where you can take the boat across the Jaguabay. The ride continues for about 40 kilometres to Cienfuegos. This city is known for its French architecture. After biking for many days, it can be nice to take the bus to Havana, the town where time seem to have stood still. A common sight among the rough brick facades are cars from the 50´s moving with rhythms of the Cuban music. Before you leave the country, you need to take an excursion in the footsteps of Hemingway. You will never be the same after doing this kind of vacation in Cuba.