Swedish Car poolers

“Gröna Bilister” is a Swedish association founded in 1994 with support from both WWF and Naturskyddsföreningen in Sweden. You can easily believe that their purpose is to decrease cars in traffic but that is not the case. This association cares about the freedom cars can give and the possibilities that are given to move freely on large areas commercially and privately. Cars are often seen as environmental bad guys, but the truth is when used correctly they are far more sustainable than trains and flights.

The three B’s

In a normal household the transportation stands for the largest impact on environment.  In this “Gröna Bilister” finds possibilities to work with consumers individually to decrease environmental hazards. They continuously work on the three B’s: as in the Swedish words for behaviour, fuel and car (Beteendet, Bränslet och Bilen) The strength of this association lies within not being bonded to any specific fuel brand, a technical brand or any political party. The association works as hard for collective transportation, bikes and cars. As a result, from this they give a very impartial and credible information to the consumers and they make sure to work hard for every individual that handles any kind of transportation, whether it is a bike or a car, is doing right by the environment.

Information on many channels

By using many medias, such as, daily papers, social media a direct information, you can reach a lot of people to spread your news. Through the magazine “Trafik & Miljö” they publish articles containing tests, ranks and different campaigns that reaches a wide perspective of readers. Beyond this the association is a remittal instance for political decisions for corporations and events where sustainable using of cars is in the front.

Carpooling is highly recommended

The association is, among other, behind the project “Less than a mile – leave the car” (in Swedish ”Inte Bilen under milen”) which gives the idea not to take the care wherever you go but to start walking or biking to things nearby. Just to give people the idea that it is not necessary to always step into your car, there are other possibilities. They mean to influence drivers to take another option, collective, walking or biking. If people would start reflecting int the use of cars and maybe start to make plans to go together to work instead of taking one car each we could enhance possibilities to save a lot of our environment. creating a car-pool is one way to decrease environmental hazards. Carpooling is getting more and more popular since it is also a nice way of getting time to hang out with people. Many corporations have their own carpooling organisations to encourage their staff to think about the environment. Instead of five people taking one car each to work these five people can go together in one car decreasing the impact on environment five times.

To make a simple point of the benefits of carpooling we will make a count. If we say that a car costs 20 Euros a day to commute to work. That makes a cost of 100 Euros a week. If five people take this trip together the cost wouldn’t be any bigger which makes a benefit that equals four persons with their own cars at the total of 400 Euros.  This will not only save money for the people, but it will also make environmental impact much smaller. This will also give a better traffic situation with fewer cars contributing to roads being safer for everyone as well.

Positive effects on carpooling are many!