Different kinds of cars

Going to work every day is not just combined with costs but also a lot of negative aspects on the environment. On different authorities’ websites you can see statistics on increased numbers of cars and driving and how it affects the environment. Despite todays modern cars with filters and catalysts making pollution less threatening it adds up to a lot anyway. A lot of options have come up in the last few years, like ethanol and biogas- cars which are far more environmentally friendly than old diesel cars but the production of these new cars takes a strain on environment as well.


Commuting or carpooling is a good choice for the environment.  To make this possible there must be a fair amount of local traffic and bus schedules needs to be adapted to working hours. In bigger cities there are buses, subways and railbuses that are mainly driven on electricity and therefor environmentally friendly. In some average sized cities money has been set to build walking and biking paths to encourage people to start walking or biking to and from work.

The bike – sustainable and good for your health

To produce a new bike doesn´t lead to any big impact on environment compared to producing a car. Today you can find a bike suited for almost everybody. The electric bike has become a big success and has increased a lot in the last three years making it possible for more people to be able to bike even though not having all the prerequisites that an ordinary bike takes. By using a bike, you can reach many benefits to your health as well as your finances. By taking the bike you increase your pulse and heartrate which will make you more resistant to stress and many other negative aspects. The physical effort will take care of your stress and this will lead to you being able to perform better at work. Another positive effect will be that you get a little time to yourself and gets you away from the traffic situations in the mornings. You will get time to prepare for the day and you will have your daily exercise performed before the day begins.

Decreases risk of health issues

If you regularly take your bike to work you will find that you will have a big improvement in your condition and health. By regular exercise studies show that you can minimize the risk of heart deceases with almost 50 per cent compared to those that doesn´t exercise. By exercise you increase your level of concentration which leads to better results at work. As the condition gets better the shrinkage of your memory, that usually increases with age, will decrease. As you see, taking your bike to work will also give your brain a boost!

More alert

By exercising your body will produce endorphins making you feel more alert. They also give a positive effect to decrease risk of dementia. Unfortunately, there are also some negative aspects to taking your bike to work. On the bike you are at risk since you do not have the protection around you as you have in a car. In a collision you risk bigger damage than in a car why it is of the highest importance that you wear a helmet.