Carpooling is a simple and nice way of saving money while caring for the environment. How do you get about to organize this? Today there are lots of possibilities on social media for example. Groups are made at Facebook where you join to make carpooling easier. There is nothing wrong with that except that there is total anarchy and the pages are rarely moderated. To get better structure and quality insurance people interested in carpooling are encouraged to use the well-established carpooling portals. Already established businesses has gone from performing their business on the web to complement with apps for the mobile user. This makes it simpler to handle wherever you are.

Uber – a grand and well-known actor

Uber is the most well-known application for taxi and commuting. It started with an IT-company in California that saw possibilities in offering taxi and commuting services via internet and mobiles. Their service is about that the person needing a ride can look at a map in their phone to see where the driver is at the moment and from that see how far away the car and the ride is. Payment is handled through the application where Uber takes between 2 and 20 per cent from the payment and the rest goes to the driver. The application can be downloaded to most mobile phones using IOS, Android or Windows. The service is active in about 60 countries and more than 300 cities. Uber has been criticized for not using taximeters and not following the regulations in the country where the transports take place.

Lyft – Biggest in Canada and USA

Lyft is a networking company specialized in transports. They have, like Uber, a mobile application for the customers to use. Only in America, Lyft has drivers in more than 300 cities and the estimate is that the company is involved in approximately a million transports every day. Lyft is registered at Nasdaq and their turnover is estimated to three billion a year. The user downloads the application and registers a way to pay, the most usual is to use PayPal. Lyft takes on a fee of 20 per cent per transaction. The company takes great pride in being accredited and secure. For example, new drivers are tested and checked in all registers for buyers to be completely secure when ordering a ride. Drivers must be 21 and have possessed their drivers license for at least a year. Lyft offers different services. You can choose from commuting in ordinary cars to a bit more luxurious variants like black SUV´s with six or more seats. To add focus on environment Lyft also work in bike and kick biking. That means that you, through the service, can rent a kick bike or an electric bicycle. The possibility of developing the service further is constantly mannered.

Other actors

Of course, there is other companies working on the concept of Uber and Lyft. Some examples of this is Getaround, Sidecar, Carma carpooling and the last one is mainly situated in Europe. To use mobile applications for sustainable carpooling is clearly a concept that will hang around for a while.