Electric cars

That all vehicles pollute the environment there is no doubt about. That is why it can be wise to look for more eco-friendly solutions, maybe an electric car. The impact of electric cars in the last few years has shown that a lot of the consumers do think about the […]

Conscious Tourist

Going on vacation is for many people a necessary break to recharge the batteries after an intense work period. Maybe you go abroad, a trip to Europe, Asia or America or just a trip in your own country.

The project of restoring bikes for Cuba

In the beginning of the 90´s people saw it as difficult to ride bikes in Cuba. Traffic didn´t consider bikers and being as unprotected as you are on a bike it is a big problem when drivers don´t take in to consideration that they should be careful around bikers. Bikes […]

Carpooling – Sharing while caring for nature

Swedish Car poolers “Gröna Bilister” is a Swedish association founded in 1994 with support from both WWF and Naturskyddsföreningen in Sweden. You can easily believe that their purpose is to decrease cars in traffic but that is not the case. This association cares about the freedom cars can give and […]

Carpooling – dos and don’ts

Commuting and carpooling has many benefits. Besides saving money you are also kind to our environment.  However, there are some aspects to consider when planning to carpool. The average car-pooler commutes to work from Monday to Friday throughout the month. Working hours are about eight hours a day and this […]

Carpooling – purpose and history

From a historical perspective you can see that carpooling started as a larger phenomenon in adjacency to World War II in 1939 to 1945. The reason was that the access to gas and motor oil was harsh during these years. You can see clearly how the global economy affects the […]