Why Support Bicycles Crossing Borders?

Bicycles Crossing Borders - Bicicletas Cruzando Fronteras (BCB-BCF) was created as a capacity building project to create a bicycle service infrastructure, that would help support the great initiative started by the government in Cuba of putting as many people as possible on bicycles for the purposes of commuting. Proportionately a large percentage of the population in Cuba depend on bicycles for their daily commuting, dropping off their kin to school or work and even for hauling heavy cargo.

This is a fantastic initiative, where the workers of Cuba will have access to bicycles at very low cost. It is an environmentally friendly initiative. However if they have no access to parts or service the wear and tear will diminish their numbers very quickly.

The cyclists there need support in terms of easier access to parts, tools, service by qualified technicians and an opportunity to buy a bicycle.

This is where BCB comes into vision. This is a capacity building project, where local people will be enabled to find sources of supplies, and service the large number of bicycles. To achieve this goal, BCB has been training people in sales, service and retail operations of a modern bicycle shop, including rentals. So far we have provided expert training to 25 people in bicycle technology, inventory control, rental and retail operations. This has resulted in empowering directly and indirectly around 30 people in acquiring new trades and finding employment in a new area.

The Future:

The BCB has intentions to distribute bicycles to schools in Cuba to enable a new chapter, in which children will have access to bicycles and will be encouraged to raise their awareness in environmental protection, create a healthy lifestyle from a young age and learn safe cycling skills.

Need for Support:

BCB is a project created and operated in Canada completely by volunteers and thus has been able to operate as a very successful not-for-profit project. However our operations of collecting and shipping bicycles and parts does need financial resources. These expenses and support we provide to the project in Cuba demand access to funds.

BCB is looking for financial support in the form of donations. We can provide tax receipts for donations over $25. BCB also requests free trucking or bicycles and parts to the ports for shipment. There is also a strong need for rental vans for the purpose of picking up and moving bicycles within Toronto, while collecting them.

Please help us help the Cuban cyclists and improve the environment in our region.

BCB-BCF thanks all the individuals that have been supporting the organization with their volunteer time, financial and material donations and most of all moral support.

BCB also thanks CIDA, the Labour Unions, Bicycle Stores and all others that have been generously supporting us, during the past two years.